Useful Ubuntu Softwares

Virus and malware check okay!

I need just one dollar to complete following projects. Please click following Donate button.

You can get follow two softwares with just one dollar. I’ll send you an email attached these softwares.

5+ dollars, I’ll write thank you, Mr. ***(your name) in my source code.

50+ dollars, I’ll share my source code with you.

100+ dollars, I’ll customize them as you want.

The latest version –

The latest version –

Trial version(i386) – Free download

Trial version(amd64) – Free download

What’s good for you?

– When you donate, I’ll send the latest stable binary and source I developed, Dock for Ubuntu, Sticky Notes and so on to your email address.

– I’ll write your email address or your name in to about dialog of these softwares with the message, “Thank you!”.

Why I want you help me with your donations?


It’s business?

No, it’s not business, it’s social and community for Creative developers.

Please upload your own creative softwares!

I’ll check it and publish in first page as soon as possible.


My plan is to create a new Linux Desktop OS for PC and Netbook and Cloud Desktop Environment. The new Linux Desktop OS will be light and beautiful. It’ll use good animations without opengl rendering for all effects and will light for old PCs.

I already compared the performance between lubuntu(light weight ubuntu) and ubuntu(with metacity and ubuntu-dock rather than compiz).

Of course I replaced unity-shell by ubuntu-dock at this comparing. As result, I got following ram usage table.

Lubuntu : 100MB

Ubuntu(metacity + ubuntu-dock) : 101MB

There are many window managers in the world, they have difference performaces.

So i compared some window managers that best use.

cinnamon(Cinnamon Desktop’s window manager) : 85%(CPU), 185MB(RAM)

compiz(Unity Desktop’s window manager) : 75%(CPU), 60.7MB(RAM)

mutter(Gnome3 window manager) : 70%(CPU), 29.0MB(RAM)

metacity(Gnome mate window manager) : 2%(CPU), 13.6MB(RAM)

My first target is to create a window manager that light as metacity and beautiful as compiz and flexible and extensible as cinnamon.

If you want more and more CPU and RAM resources work for you.
If you want more cheap computers are sale for poor peoples.
If you want they can see internet with you.
Please let’s go together!
And don’t forget when you donate, please write your email address and your full name as comment.
I’ll write your name in to my softwares’ about dialog, so i’ll remember your help and many peoples who use this software thanks to you.

It’s my dream

Thank you!

One thought on “Useful Ubuntu Softwares”

  1. Very good.

    This two Dock and Note App looks very good.
    I’ve used already this Dock app on Ubuntu 14.04 for 2 weeks.
    I felt that dock app is almost same as Mac os’s Dock. Everybody will be think like me.
    I recommend this Dock app.


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Useful Ubuntu Softwares

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